About Rug Makers Yarn

Rug Makers yarn is small batched dyed in Dalton, GA

Specifically spun for rug use, the wool is the best quality available for rug making.  The fiber is moth proofed and colorfast.  For tufting we recommend using 2 strands of yarn in the tufting machine.


Hi I am Melissa Monroe, I started Rug Makers Yarn in 2021 to share my custom rug yarn colors. I am from and located in Portland, OR.  I am a full time multi disciplinary artist since 2014.  I live with my 3 kids, boyfriend and 2 dogs in a house that was converted into a house from a church that was previously a house.  I love meeting new tufters and sharing my process through workshops I teach in Portland. You can see my art on my website here --- https://shop.melissamonroeart.com/

The story of Rug Makers yarn 

As a long time painter I found the color selection that was available in affordable wool tufting yarn to be lacking and not to my palette taste. As a professional artist I only wanted to use the best materials and although I tried working with craft store yarn I found it to not create the same texture and fullness that wool provided. 

I looked high and low for wholesale options for rug yarn and dyers and I could not find it.  I reached out to one of my art collectors I knew use to be a rug maker in the 80s.  I paid her to consult me about how to wholesale and after months of working with a small batch dyers I had my first order of yarn!

I had many other tufters in Portland that wanted to buy my colors so I started selling it off my website.  And now it's a growing business.  Never did I think I would own a yarn business but here I am! You never know where you'll end up if you follow your dreams.