Tufting Machines 

We love Tuft Love at rug makers yarn.  They are a small business that care about their customers and offer the best customer service.

Backing Glue

The best backing glue is AAT -1132 it is low oder, quick drying, and long lasting

Tufting cloth

We will soon be offering tufting cloth!

Tufting Frames

I sell tufting frame that clamp to a table.  They hold a 30" x 30" piece of cloth and come with two clamps.  They are very simple and I charge $150.

for sturdy table top frames or large floor frames contact Steve on instagram @tuftingelements


I teach workshops out of my studio and with Wildcraft.  Currently the next workshop will be in September. Contact me to be added to the prelist for the fall 2023

Questions about tufting or materials?

Send us an email